Ecosystem & Biodiversity

Sustainable Climate Resilient Urban Development

We have a team of experts working in the field of Ecosystem Services & Biodiversity conservation. In this fields, we have worked for prestigious clients like UNDP, Toyota Foundation, University of Kyoto for various prestigious projects in the area of:

  • State Biodiversity Action Plan and Strategy preparation
  • Ecosystem Services Valuation
  • City Biodiversity Index development for major smart cities in India
  • Costing for Biodiversity Action Plan Budget
  • Financing Natural Resource Management
  • Study on Biodiversity and ecosystem Conservation activities under non CSR Scheme by major private sectors in India
  • Ecosystem services and Biodiversity Conservation actions taken up by Fortune 500 companies world wide

On-Going Projects


State Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan preparation for the Union Territory of Ladakh Funded by UNDP

State Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan preparation for the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir Funded by UNDP

Ecosystem Services Valuation for Snow Leopard Landscape, Changthang in Ladakh Funded by UNDP

In this project, we have tried to capture the monetary values of ecosystem services in the snow leopard region of Ladakh using different IPBES methods. Also we have tried to capture the non moneytary ecosystem services like rich traditional knowledge and cultural, religious and aesthetic services by qualitative approaches and travel cost method.

Contact Person- Dr Tania Ray Bhattacharya


Sustainable Climate Resilient Urban Development Funded by Toyota Foundation, Japan

In this project, we developed an index named Smart Sustainable City Development Index (SSCDI) for three Indian Smart Cities. A hierarchical method has been used to construct the index with multiple layers of indicators capturing characteristics of the dimensions such as social, economic, environment, culture and lifestyle. This index is used to assess performances of the three case study cities based on the scores in various indicators.This SSCDI framework provides a conceptual landscape for developing countries for planning their sustainable urban development and evaluation of performances

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City Biodiversity Index for major smart cities in India Funded by Toyota Foundation, Japan

oSingapore Index, also known as City Biodiversity Index (CBI) is a tool for monitoring and evaluating a city’s performance and progress related to conserving and enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services. We have utilized the CBI for three Indian smart cities, i.e., Pune, Faridabad and Raipur for assessing their biodiversity level and for ranking them based on CBI scores.
The uniqueness lies in the fact that, in this research, the CBI scoring approach has been implemented for three particular Indian smart cities, which was never done earlier for any other smart city in India. This study would be a motivational tool and could provide incentives for local Governments to start making inventories and monitoring their programs on biodiversity and ecosystem protections which would be beneficial for the cities’ long run sustainability

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