The Celestial Earth

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every man’s greed


Economy, Environment, and Society are three pillars of development. Knowledge is the governing principle of balancing these three pillars. By virtue of Environment Management practitioners, it is to save the world by a striking balance between anthropogenic activities related to economy, environment, and society through sharing knowledge of equity, belongingness, and responsibility to nature.

Our Services

We are dedicated to provide full life cycle service to the organization starting from resource planning, assessment, reporting of environmental foot prints and finally certification which can provide a comprehensive asset to the organization to go global and fetch various future benefits. Our product is to provide least cost business process planning to optimize the resource and environmental foot print and corresponding economic benefits for achieving sustained market competitiveness.

Policy Research on Natural Resource Conservation and Management

In today’s world availability, conservation, and management of natural resources for balanced growth and development is extremely critical. There are many different types of resources required for sustained economic and social development. As a policy research organizationwe thus deal with the overarching principles of optimal use of natural resources like energy (fossil and renewables), water, ecosystem and biodiversity etc. so that sustainable development goals can be achieved.

Modelling and Data Analytics in the field of Sustainable Development

Quantification of policy impactson economy, environment and society followed by data analytics and application is an essential part of successful implementation plan of development policies in today’s world. Interconnect world is complex in nature and so the policies for sustainable development. The Celestial Earth is actively working towards development of comprehensive and integrated model-based policy assessment framework for developing countries. Integration of state-of-the-art data science and analytics in the domain of public policy analysis is the crux of TCE’s future course of activities.

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