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Area Of Services

The Celestial Earth is providing full-service support in the areas of economic and policy analysis in the areas of natural resource conservation and management and sustainable development. TCE’s domain expertise ranges between energy to water and ecosystem and biodiversity conservation followed by cross-cutting issues like climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, sustainable urban development, transportation, and industrial policies for clean and green growth. The Celestial Earth is also providing services towards data analytics in the domain of sustainable development. TCE’s in-house analytical tool is based on state-of-the-art data analysis techniques which provides deep insight into the policy impacts in the economy under different policy scenarios in the public policy domain. TCE also provides training and capacity building to the spectrum of stakeholders including college and university students, mid to senior-level government officials, and policymakers in the area of energy and environmental planning and policy. TCE’s data and modeling services are based on the open-source platform which provides free access to major data and analytical services for policy analysis at the national and sub-national levels.

Policy Research on Natural Resource Conservation and Management

In today’s world availability, conservation and management of resources for balanced growth and development is extremely critical. There are many different types of resources required for economic activities and an integrated approach for analysing them is essential indeed. TCE is mainly dealing with the following four major areas of policy work in India and other parts of the developing world.

The major services we provide:

Modelling and Data Analytics

Policy research is incomplete if the research output is not analyzed and interpreted in a meaningful manner. Use of data science and its application through various analytics is, therefore, an important parameter for the success of the policy work. TCE uses its own data analytics platform for interpretation and visualization of the outcomes of the complex modelling exercise related to policy interventions. TCE’s data analytics platform uses the latest analytical tools and techniques and her own decision support tool which is an advance dynamic tool for representation of various systems level modelling results.