Service Areas

We are dedicated to provide full life cycle service to the organization starting from resource planning, assessment, reporting of environmental foot prints and finally certification which can provide a comprehensive asset to the organization to go global and fetch various future benefits. Our product is to provide least cost business process planning to optimize the resource and environmental foot print and corresponding economic benefits for achieving sustained market competitiveness.

Resource Planning, Conservation and Management

In today’s world availability, conservation and management of resources for balanced growth and development is extremely critical. There are many different types of resources required for economic activities. Our organization mainly deals with the natural resources including forestry, water, mineral and energy required at the industry level.The major services we provide:

  • Integrated Resource Planning (IRP): Provide complete solution for efficient resource procurement planning, utilization and conservation leading towards sustainable business management.
  • Business Environment Management : Provide solution to business and environment management including- Environmental impact assessment based on product life cycle analysis.

    – Environmental compliance review, assessment and reporting including CSR, GRI etc.

    – Environmental certification for domestic and international trade and procurement

  • Business Energy Management and System Planning : Provide complete solution to business energy management and energy systems planning based on the 3E (economic, efficient, environmental friendly) principle.
    Provide complete assistance to obtain finance for energy efficiency and conservation activities in business processes.Solution includes :
    – Energy conservation and efficiency improvement planning
    – Energy auditing, reporting and green certification
    – ESCO services and supports from India and abroad.
  • Ecosystem Management & Biodiversity Protection: Provide solution to business for sustainable supply chain management through life cycle assessment of long term impacts on ecosystem and biodiversity.
Green Technology Solution

Green business in no longer a brand only but a solution to the conventional business for market competitiveness. Green technology provides the key success factor. We provide complete solution to green and innovative technology adoption in business with the services :

  • Green technology needs assessment
  • Green technology procurement and adoption planning
  • Capacity building and training
  • Sustainable development auditing and reporting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility reporting
  • Liason between green technology developers, financer ( domestic and international ) technology user.