About Us

My dear fellow earth dwellers,

“Let me first introduce our organization which is dedicated to all of you who are the citizens of this earth and for whom this creation will work for. Our earth is (may be?) the only planet in this universe which carries life , so beautiful and resourceful in nature but also rigorously systematic. We are born here, enjoy its beauty, utilize it’s resources and die. Our right to dwell here and use it for our livelihood comes with responsibility too. It is the duty of the earth dwellers to keep it safe, undisturbed and also beautiful as it is for the generations to come. Perhaps happiness lies here only. Unfortunately, we are using this earth reckless and without care. Our selfish acts in the name of development are jeopardizing the rhythm of natural processes. The Celestial Earth is thus dedicated restoring the responsibility of mankind to protect, conserve and maintain this lovely planet and to make it heavenly and celestial.”


This is an organisation set up by a group of young, energetic and internationally acclaimed professionals having extensive experiences in sustainable development issues including three pillars of economic, environmental and social development at the national and international arena.
The Celestial Earth, a World Bank Vendor Registered organization is also focusing on the issues of clean technology development, transfer and diffusion of technologies in the developing countries following north-south and south-south channel. This research based consulting firm also closely works with the international organizations, technology provider and financial institutions in these areas to promote use of clean and green technologies in the market.

Mission and Vision statements

Corporate environmental management

Our mission is to support the public and private sector initiatives in Asia and to align their development trajectory with green economic development pathway which can support green, clean and sustainable development of economy and can create new green jobs in the market.

Our vision is to create an enabling environment of equitable access to economic, social and environmental resources for all to support the global agenda of sustainable development. It is to bridge the gap of knowledge between developing and developed nations by providing simple but cost effective and efficient tools to narrow the development gaps and overcome the developmental drawbacks.

Focus Areas

  • Corporate environmental management
  • Corporate energy management
  • Climate change and Carbon Foot Printing
  • Energy and Environmental Policy Research
  • Ecosystem services and biodiversity protection policy research

Ecosystem services & biodiversity protection policy research